The “Wage Gap” Myth


A recent AAUW (American Association of University Women) study claims that a woman’s income amounts to 77% of that of males in the workforce. Looking at both the data used and their suspension of logic, this deceiving rhetoric of an unfair “income gap” is manipulative at best.

The AAUW report states “in 2012, women and men still tend to work in different jobs. This segregation of occupations is a major factor behind the pay gap.” Even though they admit this is a major factor, it is not specifically reflected in the comparison between the income levels. What, exactly, is their agenda in all this? Apparently, the Unequal Pay “study” is intended to manipulate public opinion for political purposes.

Honest research would take into consideration the impact of educational, career, and lifestyle choices in the comparison of income levels for all people. In fact, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics October 2013 Report 1045, Highlights of Women’s Earnings in 2012, states in reviewing income levels: “At each level of education, women have fared better than men with respect to earnings growth.”

Additionally, digging deeper in the data reveals that in very educationally intense and highly-skilled occupations like mechanical engineers, only 3% of that category are women. Yes, men and women do still tend to work in different jobs. This is a result of free choice, not an indictment of the free market. Beyond this, a significant percentage of women choose to delay or pause their career during the years they spend raising their young children. A women who chooses to stay home, or opts for an occupation with more flexibility in hours, is making the decision that is best for her family and household budget. All these choices form the basis of the “gap” to which they allude. The very fact that women—in a strong economy like Texas’—have the ability to CHOOSE the timing of their own career path is something to celebrate, not disparage.


U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics – Highlights of Women’s Earnings in 2012 (October 2013)

Dems play politics with bogus 77-cent differential in male-female pay (April 2014)


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